How much for shipping, how long will it take?

Your product will usally ship within 48 hours of placing your order via USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping charges:   $3 for orders up to $70,  $7 for orders $70.01 to $150,  Free shipping on orders over $150

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Orders cancelled prior to shipping will be completely refunded

Orders cancelled after shipping will be refunded, only after we receive items in good condition.


Will the Hawg Handle fit my reel?

We have two basic handle sizes that cover virtually ALL low profile baitcast reels. If your reel shows up in the pull down menus on the order page, the Hawg Handle will fit your reel. If your reel does not show up on the pull down list, chances are the Hawg Handle will still fit.  If there is any question about whether or not the Hawg Handlle fits your reel, please send an email to [email protected]


Do Hawg Tech cork knobs, Winn knobs, and Septon knobs fit on my reel handle?

Our Hawg Tech cork and Winn knobs only fit our Hawg Tech handles.  Our Hawg Tech Septon knobs only fit Shimano and our handles.


Shimano knob assembly procedure



How do I clean the cork on my Hawg Handle?

Take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, wet it, and gently scrub the cork. This will remove the dirt/grime which accumulates during normal use. Periodic cleaning will keep the cork on your Hawg Handle looking good. The cork grips are factory sealed. Applying cork sealer after cleaning will help preserve the new look of your cork grips.


Is the cork durable?

Our field testing has shown virtually no wear in the cork. Certainly, cork has been used on fishing rods for a long time and has proven to be a durable, reliable material in the fishing industry.


Is maintenance required on my Hawg Handle?

Under normal use cases, maintenance is not required. If the handle is submerged or exposed to extremely dirty conditions, then disassembly/cleaning may be required.  This video demonstrates the procedure for disassembling your Hawg Handle.


Hawg Handle Disassembly


Is maintenance required on my bearings?

We recommend you clean your bearings once a year in a degreaser solution such as acetone.  Thoroughly dry before replacing.  Our bearings do not require lubrication. 


Is there a warranty on the Hawg Handle?

We offer a lifetime replacement warranty on the handle, spindle, bearings, and mounting hardware. Replacement knobs can be purchased separately. Please see our shipping section for cancellation/refund policy.


Do you offer volume pricing discounts?

Yes, we offer volume pricing on bearing orders.  Please contact us.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  Please provide us with the country, location, and product that you want.  Please contact us.


What is Hawg Tech, LLC's contact information?

Hawg Tech, LLC is registered in the State of Florida as a Limited Liability Corporation.  Our company address is 8227 Kelso Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. We can be reached directly by calling 561-310-4043 or Emailing us at [email protected] . Hawgtech is a registered trademark of Hawg Tech, LLC.