Expert Testimony

Russ Lane (Elite Series Professional bass angler)

That handle (Hawg Handle) really makes a difference when flipping heavy grass



Steve Parks (President @ Rage Tail/Strike King and noted HAWG slayer)

I've had the opportunity to use them for about a month now and so far they're GREAT!!! Light and STOUT...workmanship is excellent and wasn't sure about the cork handles at first either but now I'm a Big FAN  Without a doubt, I'll have'em on all of my reels soon!
I'm a FAN TOO! Been fishing them since ICAST and have really put them through the paces... They're 'SWEEEEET' and well worth it. Only two rods with'em at this point, one of my jig casting rods and a C rig set up. Best on the Market IMO. You won't be disappointed!!! 
Yep it's a Hawg Tech Handle and love'em... Less Slip when wet TOO!



Steve Daniel (Okeechobee Guide out of Roland Martin's Marina and former BASS Elite series pro)
The main thing I like about it, is it's oversized. Your hand is not going to slip on it...it's hard to go back to the little ones after you use this...

Danny Barker (Author at Mike Long Outdoors and big bass specialist)

After using the handles on my Revo SX and Shimano Castaic for just one session I knew that these handles were going to be a great addition....loved the feel and extra leverage...two thumbs up.



John Franchot (Bass Resource.com moderator, reel repair business owner, and noted equipment guru)
Over the summer, I ordered a Hawgtech Hawg Handler to try out. I paid retail, $79 if I recall. I really didn't set my expectations too high, but I  had already seen several positive reviews. My skepticism came from dealing with handles made by Bassart, ZPI, and other JDM sources. I got my Hawgtech Hawg Handler, and my initial impressions were, man this handle is big. I immediately had an application for it. I fish for salmon and trout in the fall with spoons and bass tackle. It's a blast, but they can really put the screws to your gear. This year, I was going to step it up to something that I could put some pressure on them with. I picked my Dobyns Champion Extreme 745 saddled with a Chronarch 200e7 spooled with 50# Power Pro. This worked well, but once I swapped the stock handle out with the Hawgtech, man that was powerful. I really expected some flex, but I feel it made the system stronger. I set the drag pretty high, pushing 5 power rod to it's limit, and was horsing big fish in, literally able to winch them with the longer, stronger handle. Toss in some super smooth, comfortable, oversize bearing supported cork knobs, and well you get the picture. Any application where you need power - deep cranking, punching, Carolina rigging - this is a valuable upgrade that isn't just "bling." In fact, that it looks so good is just a bonus. Again, I have been literally abusing my setup and after dozens of fish in 15-25 lb. range, I see no signs of wear or failure. I've beat up some stamped steel handles, from some "pretty popular brand names" here, but this one is holding strong.
If you are looking for a functional, relatively value priced, good looking upgrade for your reel - I highly recommend a look at Hawgtech.
Matt Wilson (Owner @ Moaner Hooks)
They look great, feel great and have for sure moved to my must-have list. I was very impressed!
I really liked the cork on the handle itself, was sweet looking and not nearly as slippery when wet compared to standard handles.  Beyond that was the bearings in each handle, no slop or play at all and a super-smooth spin. 
Bassdozer (BASS writer, fishing gear critic and editor @ fins-n-things.com)
HOT NEW AFTERMARKET REEL GEAR (as seen at ICAST tackle trade show)...a carbon fiber material reel handle with high-grade cork grips and stong yet light aluminum fixtures.  Overall, the handle assembly weighs literally nothing - like you are reeling air.
Shane Procell (media personality, host of That's Fishing with Captain Shane)