Spool Bearings

Spool Bearings

    ABEC-7 Hybrid Bearings!

  * Sizes: 

(3mm X 10mm X 4mm)

(4mm X 10mm X 4mm)

(5mm X 11mm X 4mm)

(3mm X 8mm X 4mm)

(8mm X 12mm X 3.5mm)

  * Class: ABEC-7

  * Ball material: Ceramic (Si3N4)

  * Race material: Stainless Steel (440SUS)

Video Bearing Fitment Chart

If you don't see your spool on the fitment chart please contact us.


Please note: Price of $8 is for one bearing (pair =$16).



Improve the performance of your baitcast reel by replacing the stock spool bearings. These bearings are drop-in replacements for any reel which uses the 3X10X4, 5X11X4, 3X8X4, 8X12X3.5 bearing sizes.  Our bearings use nylon cages instead of steel.  This allows for a more free spinning bearing that also runs quieter.   See the video link below to see how much improvement these bearings can make.  Free spool time on a stock Curado goes from 12 secs to 80-100 seconds!

Order 10 or more bearings and automatically receive 20% off your order.  Contact us for additional information: [email protected]